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Leonardo da Vinci The project "MDE Expertise - Exchanging knowledge, techniques and experiences around Model Driven Engineering education" focuses on the development of common educational materials for the Model Driven Engineering (MDE) area. MDE is the emergent software development paradigm nowadays, and thus, it is a required teaching topic to ensure up-to-date qualifications in technology education. Education in MDE is crucial as the growing complexity of applications makes former methods (more programming oriented) obsolete. The suitability of MDE for rapid software development facilitates the integration of people with social disadvantages to the large demand of technical jobs.

The main aim of the project is to transfer and adapt the education in Model Driven Engineering concepts to the local IT education societies of the partner's countries, thus improving the partners' knowledge about up to date current software development methods. This results in the best preparation for professionals competing on the IT market. The expertise on the MDE field of partner 2, inventor of the WebML language, and partner 4, inventor of the ATL transformation language (key element in MDE), makes them perfect for supervising the creation of common MDE teaching materials.

Direct results include: development of common MDE teaching methods, suited for the partners' local needs and market requirements; creation of teaching materials (with online version) localized for the partners' languages and definition of tools for e-learning and knowledge exchange. Indirect effects include improving the capability of local SMEs in solving complex software design problems through modeling, and evolving the software development job market.